About Ian Mitchell King

Ian Mitchell King is a non-practicing attorney and business consultant based in Studio City, California. He has also served in the military. He was born and raised in Encino, California.

King is currently employed as a Senior Advisor with a company that owns and operates real estate holdings such as restaurants, convenience stores, and accountancy companies. He is also Kings Consultants LLC’s owner and managing partner, a crisis management firm. In this role, he has provided direction and support to many organizations and individuals to help them overcome obstacles and achieve prosperity and success.

King’s areas of experience include problem-solving and crisis management talents that are frequently difficult to find, despite his extensive history of helping a range of organizations while also giving back. He also has a strong background in business and law, both professionally and academically. His extensive military service record also speaks for itself in terms of the work he performed and continues to do to help those in his community.


Ian Mitchell King completed his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He earned this degree as an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California (USC). He also completed his Master of Business Administration degree, earning a high GPA. He then graduated from Law School at the University of San Diego, where he became a Merit Scholar during his education. He was awarded a scholarship that provided for 75 percent of his tuition.

Armed Forces Service

One of the things Ian King of Los Angeles is most proud of is his work and time in the military. He was an enlisted infantry Marine and Lieutenant Commander in the Navy. His military accomplishments were many, and he is most proud of becoming a Marine Corps Company Honor Man. Ian served in the Navy as a Lieutenant. In addition, he graduated from the School of Infantry at the top of his class, a significant accomplishment. He also earned a meritorious promotion.

During his military career, he received various honors, and to including an Honor Graduate of the US Navy Officer Candidate School, a Navy LT Public Affairs Advisor to an Admiral, and a Navy LT Pentagon Staff Member for the Secretary of Defense. This is just a sample of his military accomplishments.

Hobbies and Personal Interests

Ian Mitchell of Los Angeles enjoys horseback riding, especially with his niece, who is eight years old. They also love a game of miniature golf now and then. He’s also a fitness freak who spends a lot of time in his home gym working out and achieving his fitness objectives. In addition to these hobbies, Mitchell adopted a German Shepherd and spent a lot of time with him, engaging in various activities with him.

Charity and other forms of philanthropy

Ian King belongs to the Rotary Club. He is a proud member of Rotary Multinational, an international humanitarian organization. He is a member of the Pasadena Rotary Club in particular. He also belongs to the Studio City/Sherman Oaks Rotary Club, the Granada Hills Rotary Club, the Los Angeles 5 Rotary Club, and the San Fernando Valley Evening Rotary Club.

King has also been involved in volunteer work for some time. He frequently participates in and volunteers for homeless outreach projects. He also gives his time to organizations that help battered women, poor youngsters, veterans, and other underserved communities. He frequently donates to religious groups, such as The Aleph Institute.

Ian King of Los Angeles also contributes to various charities and organizations. Surfers United is one among them. He represents the Rose Parade as an ambassador. He has also donated to multiple organizations that help disabled people over the years. He’s also looking into hurricane aid options. Ian Mitchell King also contributes to the community by participating in the annual Camp Pendleton clothing and gift drives.

Ian Mitchell King also volunteers at the local homeless shelter and the PALS youth center, where he can give back to the community and help worthy people. He also regularly provides support to the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission and the Pasadena Homeless Shelter.

Ian Mitchell King’s military background also allows him to participate in charity endeavors. He belongs to the American Legion and the Marine Corps League, which both need honorable military service to join. He volunteers for these organizations to aid the community and other enlisted Veterans.

This is only a sample of the numerous volunteer activities King participates in regularly. He can be found giving back periodically and in any way.

What does Ian Mitchell King take pride in the most?

Los Angeles attorney Ian Mitchell King is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA). He is also a Rotarian, a USC Alumni mentor and sponsor, and a member of the American Legion. His work with the Surfer Foundation for Underserved Youth in San Diego and his membership in the Valley Industry Commerce Association are two of his most significant accomplishments (VICA). He is also proud of being a philanthropist committed to assisting a variety of underserved populations.

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